Why choose Listoo?

If you use e-mail instead of postal mail…
If you watch digital TV instead of renting cassettes…
Why would you continue with real estate agencies that belong in the past?

0% de comissão Listoo

0% Comission

It is not 5%, nor 3%.
It’s zero commissions. You only pay the fixed amount of €5000+VAT, regardless of the price of the property. Compare with traditional real estate agencies and do the math.

Mais lucro com de venda

More profit from the deal

At Listoo, you don’t pay unfair commissions, so you get more money from the sale of your home. You only pay for our service after the sale is complete.
In other words, the profit is all yours.

Vender sem stress

Stress-free selling

Don’t lose nights sleep. We provide legal support and help with documentation. We are with you from the property valuation to the deed. Sell ​​without stress or headaches.

What customers say about Listoo

Luísa - Cliente Listoo


Campo de Ourique


“I highlight Listoo’s professionalism. Even though I used the platform without any problems, I received excellent support when selling my house. I highly recommend it.”

Cliente Listoo Rui

Rui, 60



“I earned more than €20,000 for selling my house with Listoo. I don’t know what it’s like with other real estate agencies, but I was always supported and they always helped. That’s why I recommend Listoo.”

Cliente Listoo Susana

Susana, 48



“I used the calendar to schedule a visit to the house that interested me. It was pretty easy from there. From the visit to the deed, the process was very quick. Thanks to the Listoo team!”

Cliente Listoo Tammy

Tammy, 46

São Domingos de Rana


“I chose Listoo because I only pay a fixed price for the sale, and also for free listings on other real estate portals. The platform is simple to use and I ended up saving over €6,000.”

More Listoo benefits

Serviço transparente e justo

Everything is more transparent and fair

We do not have agents on commission, obsessed with the highest sales values.
That’s why we don’t hide anything from you. We are only interested in selling well, as our service has a fixed price. And the profit is yours.

Anúncio em diversos portais imobiliários

Your listing on multiple websites free of charge

The listing is posted on other real estate websites. You don’t need to manage multiple accounts on Idealista, Supercasa, Imovirtual, etc.
Furthermore, your listing is promoted and highlighted on these sites, at no additional cost to you.

Plataforma imobiliária Listoo

Digital platform for total control

Access your personal area and control every step of the sale of your property.
Organize documentation. Manage visits your way. And analyze offers in one place.

Mais tempo livre

Less hassle, more time for you

Listoo team filters all contacts, and we only pass on those who are really interested.
This way, you won’t be bothered by phone calls or useless messages. It’s a relief for your head.

Forget about old real estate agencies.
Try the new way of selling a house.

What sets us apart from traditional real estate agencies is not just the advantage of the fixed price.
Our digital platform makes the sale of your home a
much simpler and more transparent.

Everything evolves, even the sale of houses.
So why stay stuck in the past?