How to list your property on Listoo

Steps to publish your property

When you click on the “create listing now” button, you will enter the ad creation process.
At the end, your listing moves to the quality control phase.

  1. Fill in the property information

    Provide the basic information to categorize your property. You must fill in the address, details and characteristics of your property.

  2. Upload photos

    Take good photos of your property to make the listing more appealing. Upload at least 5 images. You can postpone this step for later, and take care of the photos in your personal area.

  3. Define the property price

    Please put a property value according to the market trend. Misfit values make sales difficult or impossible. Use our simulator to have a free assessment of your property.

  4. Wait for listing approval

    In the last step, your listing is completed and pending approval. For quality control purposes and checking of inappropriate content, the listing is reviewed by our team. After this control, you receive an approval notification by email.