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Use the house value estimator to valuate your home online for free. Just follow the steps of the market study. At the end you will get a free estimate of the value of your house. Click on the image to start.
simulador de avaliação de imóvel seguro

Why should I trust this property value simulator?

The property price simulator is developed by a Listoo partner. Its technology allows you to analyze and compare data from thousands of properties registered in the system.

Thus, we can estimate very approximately the real market value of your property. Please note that, despite being very close to market reality, the value is an estimate and may not reflect the real value of the house.

How is the value calculated?

The property valuation simulator uses the Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) model.

The system’s algorithm uses public data and information specific to your property to perform the calculations.

The main factors that influence the evaluation are:

• Location
• Characteristics
• Comparative elements of properties in the same area

In other words, the simulator uses data from properties similar to yours and analyzes the sales history in the area to calculate the price of your home.

Where can I request a more detailed evaluation?

You can ask our team for a more detailed valuation of the property. Listoo’s real estate experts help users of our platform with various procedures, including home valuation. Contact us on 214 193 213 (national landline call) or send an email to

*call to national landline

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We do not charge entry or usage costs for the platform.
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