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Digital real estate agency to sell your home without headaches.

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With Listoo your home is promoted on several real estate platforms

Fixed and fair price
to save thousands of euros

With Listoo, you don’t pay 5%.
Our service is €5,000+VAT,
paid only after the sale.

Compare with traditional real estate agencies

How much do you want to sell your house for?

Selling price

Traditional Agency


500 000€

32 288€

5 000€


500 000€

Traditional agency


32 288€

5 000€


Complete service
for a 100% safe sale

Plataforma imobiliária Listoo: Mónica de Sales
Múltiplos portais imobiliários

Multiple portals

Create a listing and it is placed on the best real estate websites (Idealista, etc.).

Plataforma para controlar venda de casa

Total control

Log in whenever and wherever you want, and control every step of selling your home.

Apoio a utilizadores Listoo

Support from A to Z

We help with documentation, legal processes (CPCV, Deed) and sales process.

Sell your house
in 3 steps

Passo 1: anuncie a sua casa

1. List your House

Create your property listing with maximum information and good photos. We help with the video and 3D virtual tour.

Passo 2: Receba ofertas

2. Get offers

Analyze offers from interested buyers in your personal area. Listoo team filters all contacts so you don’t get annoyed by curious people or agents.

Passo 3: fechar a venda de casa

3. Close the deal

Choose the best offer and close the sale! Listoo team helps with negotiation and documentation, from the “Compromise Contract” to the Deed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Listoo is a Portuguese PropTech (Property Technology) dedicated to the sale and purchase of properties, between individuals, through automated and simplified processes.
To this end, Listoo has AMI License nº 19516, a license granted to real estate agencies by the sector’s regulatory entity.
We combine technology and real estate experts so that users always feel supported in such an important step in their lives. The result is a simplified experience with fair and transparent prices.

Listoo uses a digital tool to assess the value of your home.
The online evaluation of your property follows the “Comparative Market Analysis” (CMA) model and is carried out using an algorithm that uses public data and specific information about your property.
Some of the factors that influence the evaluation:
• Location – the price of houses varies according to the geographical area where they are located. Variables such as access to public transport, schools, commerce and nearby infrastructure can influence the price.
• Characteristics of the house – size, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, garden, age and condition are some of the variables that can influence the value of a house.
• Comparative elements of other properties in the area – the algorithm compares the characteristics of your home with other similar homes that have recently been sold in the same area. This way, you can get a more accurate estimate of the value of your home.

It is important to note that this online valuation is indicative only and may not reflect the actual value of the home.

A more complete evaluation can be carried out by one of Listoo’s professionals. However, this tool becomes useful for getting a general idea of your home’s value and making significant decisions, such as selling or buying a new home.

The process of selling a house on the Listoo platform is summarized in 3 key steps and is quite simple and intuitive. Furthermore, you will have support from our team at each step.

1. Register and advertise home
Start the process with an online evaluation of your home, detailing its characteristics and location. Once the evaluation is complete, you can create an advertisement for your home on the platform in just 3 minutes, indicating the value and other additional information.
In your personal area, you will provide the property documents, in addition to your personal data. Everything will be validated by a Listoo consultant, from the documentation to the data previously provided.
Finally, the Listoo consultant will confirm and/or adjust the valuation to suggest the best sales value.

2. Manage contacts and offers
After your permission, the Listoo platform automatically publishes your home listing on the main real estate platforms. From here, you can start managing and viewing, in real time, ad performance metrics, as well as contacts and the entire sales process. To do this, simply access your personal area panel on the Listoo platform. There you can see and follow all the offers that reach you through the platform.

3. Close the deal and gather documents
As soon as you want to accept an interesting offer and close a deal, a Listoo specialist will assist you in the negotiation and help you with all your queries.
In the final stage of the deal, Listoo offers you legal support and help with documentation, through our legal department and a dedicated professional. This way, you will have complete security when drafting the purchase and sale contract and the deed.
The entire process is preferably done online, without complications and with complete security for all parties.